Shane and his team specialise in a wide range of matters, defending against prosecutions for all criminal offending in the District and High Courts of New Zealand, appearing regularly in the Court of Appeal. Our involvement often includes advice or assistance at an early stage, during enquiries by the police or other investigating bodies such as the Serious Fraud Office or New Zealand Customs, attending police stations with clients and attempting to resolve matters before they get to Court.


Drugs are increasingly featuring in charges in the District and High Courts. Shane and his team are highly experienced in the full range of drug cases with particular emphasis on methamphetamine related offences. Potential drug charges range from simple possession of small quantities of cannabis or methamphetamine to more serious charges of importing, manufacturing or possessing drugs so that they can be supplied to others.

Shane has had a number of successes in defending drug cases where clients were exposed to significant terms of imprisonment if convicted.

Defence of serious drug charges often includes the consideration of many thousands of paper documents provided by the police, a thorough knowledge and understanding of police evidence gathering procedures and the application of complex provisions contained within the Misuse of Drugs Act. Shane and his team have the knowledge and resources to prepare the strong and indepth defence of serious drug related charges.



The Proceeds of Crime Act was recently repealed and replaced by the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009.  This new legislation is increasingly being used by the Police to obtain assets they believe have been obtained from the proceeds of crime.  The new law places a greater burden upon individuals to explain the source of their wealth and enables the Police to apply to the High Court for orders restraining property and for the confiscation of property.

Applications for confiscation can impact upon parties who have a share in property (for example the wife or partner of an accused person).  These people need to inform the Court of their interest in the property if they want to protect their interest.

Shane Tait has experience in confiscation proceedings and recently negotiated a settlement with police in which the Crown agreed to settle for a reduced pecuniary penalty of $525,000.00 when a figure in excess of $1,500,000.00 had previously been sought.

Applications for confiscation or forfeiture are serious matters which have the potential to deprive individuals of all of their assets. These applications often involve property of a very high value.

Applications under this Act can be defended and Shane is experienced in dealing with matters arising under this Act together with the complex.


Every year the High Court at Auckland and other registries throughout New Zealand hear charges of Murder for which defendants face the prospect of life imprisonment. In his years at the Bar Shane has acted for many men and women before the Courts, accused of taking the life of one or more people.

Shane has been defence counsel in many murder trials in Auckland and across the North Island including the successful defence of the co-accused in the RSA triple murder.

In 2007 and 2008 clients represented by Shane had Murder charges dismissed by the Court and another client avoided a lengthy term of imprisonment after a charge of Manslaughter was reduced to one of Common Assault.

Murder prosecutions take their toll on all parties involved, for families of an accused person the strain can be particularly strong. My staff and I attempt to keep the process from becoming completely overwhelming and encourage open dialogue and communication between our legal team, our clients and those that they choose to involve in their journey.

It is impossible to list every offence that a person could be charged with. Our years of experience and proven results ensure that we are in the best position to advise and represent anyone that finds themselves on the wrong side of the law and in need of assistance.

If you have a problem, prosecution or need some advice contact our offices and we will be happy to assist.


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