After being charged with an offence the police officer may release you on conditions that apply until you first attend Court.  In some cases only a Judge can release you on bail.

For serious offending or where the prosecutor believes there is a risk of re-offending or not coming back to Court bail may be opposed.  If bail is not granted you could wait in prison until your trial has been completed, in some cases this could be more than a year.

We have regular success in obtaining bail for clients charged with offences as serious as Murder, Rape and major commercial drug importation and dealing charges.  Bail can be granted subject to conditions such as a curfew or electronic monitoring (“E Bail”).

When bail is refused by a Judge or Community Magistrate there is a right of appeal to a higher Court.  I have successfully argued bail appeals in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Crimes of violence

Crimes of violence are common and range from relatively minor assaults to those causing permanent injury and death.  Defences including an argument that you were acting in self-defence may be available, alternatively a lesser charge may be able to replace the offence you are originally charged with.

Family violence

Family violence includes any allegation of violence between family members.

Drink driving (EBA)

Just because you’re charged with driving while impaired doesn’t make it true. This is one of the most common criminal charges, with some of the most severe penalties.

Drug charges

All forms of drug offending including the Possession, Manufacture, Importation and Supply of Class A, B and C controlled drugs.  Shane is routinely involved in major drug prosecutions in Auckland and regularly represents clients in lengthy criminal trials in the High Court and District Courts.

Sexual offences

Defending prosecutions for the full range of offending including rape, indecent assault and prosecutions under the Films Videos and Publications Act.

Financial offences

A range of monetary offences including fraud, using documents, tax evasion and theft as a servant.

Property offences

Includes Theft, Aggravated Robbery, Burglary and home invasion.

No matter what the charges, an experienced criminal defence lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case.