Admitted to the Bar in 1995 Shane has more than 28 years experience in defending clients charged with serious criminal offending. In the course of his career Shane has successfully defended a range of criminal offences and defended clients in judge alone or jury trials in District and High Courts across New Zealand. Shane is also admitted to the Bar in New South Wales, Australia.

Shane is an expert in obtaining bail for clients. Many of Shane’s clients have been released on bail after successful applications to District Court Judges or appeals to the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Shane is a specialist criminal defence lawyer regularly instructed in some of the most serious cases in New Zealand. Shane is highly experienced in defending complex criminal cases including Murder, Manslaughter, sexual offending and drug offending.

In 2019 Shane was instructed in New Zealand’s largest ever murder prosecution. That matter was also the first time that the offence of Engaging in a Terrorist Offence was prosecuted in this country.

Employing a team of experienced litigators and support staff Shane offers a comprehensive defence, tailored to obtain the best possible results appropriate to the case. In many cases a finding of not guilty will be the desired outcome, in others the least restrictive sentence possible, in others still the protection of assets from forfeiture to the state will be the primary objective.

Shane has had recent successes defending serious drug dealing, kidnapping and sexual offences in Courts at Auckland and Manukau.

Shane has been granted the highest approval levels to conduct criminal legal aid cases and to appear before the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of New Zealand.

Whatever your specific need Shane can be relied upon to tailor his service to your specific needs.

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Jonathan now practices on his own account, sharing chambers with Shane Tait in Manukau City. Jonathan and Shane regularly consult over upcoming cases and continue to assist each other in achieving strong results for their respective clients.

Jonathan and Shane have worked together for more than 17 years and have worked as a team in a large number of criminal trials in the District Court and High Court. Jonathan regularly appears before the Court of Appeal and has particular interest in drug offending, Search and Surveillance, challenging the admissibility of evidence and fighting to recover assets taken by the Police using the Proceeds of Crime legislation.

Jonathan has achieved significant settlements resulting in the return of large amounts of cash or property seized from clients on the suspicion that they have been unlawfully obtained or are the proceeds of crime.

Jonathan has appeared in a number of proceedings in the District Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.

Jonathan has recently been conferred a Master of Law degree from the University of Sydney and employs his wide range of skills in his day to day practice.

Jonathan is a Committee member of the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association.

In 2020 Jonathan was appointed to the Legal Aid Selection Committee, a panel established by the Ministry of Justice to determine applications by other criminal lawyers for approval to become legal aid providers. The committee plays an important role in assessing the qualifications and suitability of other lawyers to provide tax payer funded services under the legal aid scheme.

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Together Shane and his team of competent professionals are available to ensure that your case is defended properly and that you are kept informed of what is happening with your case.