Private Funding

The practice provides 24 hour expert legal advice and representation to individuals and their families across the full spectrum of criminal matters. Many criminal lawyers will quote a fee at the initial consultation. That is impossibly unfair to the client. In most cases, it is difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy the cost of the defence of a criminal charge or charges at the outset of the case.

We generally, but not always, quote a block fee for particular proceedings. Once disclosure from the prosecution is made available to us. We are in a much better position to estimate fee through the various proceedings or stages in the process. We will provide you with an estimate of our likely costs.

We have a unique computerised client  management system that ensures the timely and efficient operation of the practice.  In some cases payment plans can be negotiated.

Our fee structure is certainly competitive given our experience and expertise. We are committed to delivering a highly specialised and nationally recognised private defence. We will ensure that a specialised legal team is dedicated to your case and will providing outstanding client service.

Criminal legal aid is available to fund the defence of people who meet the legal aid requirements in relation to income.

  • Anyone can apply for legal aid, whether you qualify depends on your financial position and how serious the matter is.
  • Subject to your income and expenses you may be required to repay some or all of your legal aid costs.
  • Shane Tait has the highest approval level from Legal Aid, enabling him to defend criminal charges up to those including penalties of life imprisonment.
  • People who are eligible for legal aid can only nominate a lawyer of their choice for offences that carry a maximum penalty of more than ten years or for appearances before the New Zealand Parole Board.
  • Further information can be obtained from the Ministry of Justice Legal Aid site.