Charged with Murder?

Every year in the High Court at Auckland and other registries throughout New Zealand hear charges of Murder for which the accused faces the prospect of life imprisonment.

This is a criminal allegation that requires the expertise of a specialist criminal law specialist.

The maximum penalty for murder is life imprisonment and generally, a minimum period of imprisonment is imposed. There is no room for error.

Anyone facing a murder charge must often immediately ensure that their legal representation is handled by the most competent and experienced defence lawyers possible.

The practice has defended numerous people charged with murder. We have dealt with cases from the police station to the Court of Appeal.

These cases often involve very lengthy and detailed police investigations. It takes an advanced level of experience and forensic skills to prepare such case for trial and to represent suspect at the police station.

Murder cases require the highest scrutiny of the available evidence. This may include DNA, fingerprints, voice recognition, identification evidence, alibi, intercepted telephone communications, forensic evidence medical evidence, alleged confessions and defences available.

Not every person charged with murder will defend the charge. It may be the case that accused wants to plead guilty early on to reduce a likely sentence.

The majority of people charged with murder are remanded in custody though we have had clients released on bail pending their trials.. The bail laws are very strict, however, we provide proper advice based on available evidence and client circumstances as to whether prospects exist for a successful bail application.

Murder prosecutions take their toll on all the parties involve, for families of an accused person the strain can be particularly stressful.

The staff and I attempt to keep the process from becoming completely overwhelmed and encourage open dialogue and communication between our legal team, our clients and those that they choose to be involved in their journey.

The practice has been defence counsel in many murder trials in Auckland and throughout the North Island including the successful defence of the co-accused in the RSA triple Murder.

In 2007 and 2008 clients represented by the firm had murder charges dismissed by the court and another client avoided a lengthy term of imprisonment after a charge of manslaughter was reduced to common assault.

Self-defence was recently argued successfully- a jury returning not guilty verdicts to charges of Murder, Manslaughter and Wounding with Intent to Cause GBH after a gruelling six-week trial.