Shane Tait Barrister Criminal defence lawyer

An interview at a police station, particularly if preceded by an arrest, is a stressful and worrying experience and it is essential that you are aware of you rights and are able to make the decision as hour to respond

There is a myth that those who attend the police station with a lawyer only do so because they are guilty. This is not true. For many people, their first response when faced with police questioning is to attend on their own and to answer questions immediately, believing they can talk their way out of the situation and leave as quickly as possible. This is rarely the best strategy.

What happens at the police station is often more important than what occurs in the courtroom in terms of determining the outcome of the case. Most cases are won or lost at the police station. Confessions, sometimes false, are obtained from suspects, evidence is gathered deals are done and decisions are made which will inevitably influence the course of subsequent events.

By attending the police station with one of our specialist lawyers, we will be able to obtain information about the investigation, the reasons why you are being interviewed, explain to you the process, advise you about the options you have and ensure you that you are treated fairly throughout the proceedings.

Sometimes the best advice is to decline to answer questions, at least until further information about the case is provided to you; or alternatively it may be better to produce a written statement setting out your case in a clear and structured manner.

Even if you decide to answer questions, you will want to think carefully in advance about the issues with which you will have to deal.

Our specialist defence lawyers are of outstanding quality, and we are experienced in helping guide clients through the options before them and giving advices as to the best course to take.

Our reputation is based on years of providing quality assistance to our clients, protecting their rights and interests, and striving to get our clients the best result.

We recognize that to achieve the very best outcomes for our clients we need to be proactive from the earliest moment of the police investigation. In many instances we can help to avoid an arrest taking place.

A lawyer at the police station is important given the potential onerous consequences that can flow from an arrest: restrictions on travel, onerous bail conditions, and the likely hood that fingerprint and DNA samples will be taken that will remain on the national database for life.