Legal Aid is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice to fund either in whole or in part the cost of lawyers in criminal cases:

  • Anyone can make an application for criminal legal aid.  The application will be determined taking into account factors including the seriousness of the charges; your income; your partner’s income; and any assets you own.
  • If you are granted legal aid you may be required to reimburse the Ministry of Justice for your legal fees, either in whole or in part.
  • Shane Tait holds full approval to provide legal aid services for all criminal matters.
  • You are allowed to choose your own lawyer for legal aid matters where the maximum penalty faced is more than 10 years imprisonment.
  • You can also choose your lawyer for matters before the New Zealand Parole Board.
  • For more information about legal aid you can visit the Ministry of Justice website.

Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson have both been approved to act as defence counsel in all criminal legal matters including offences carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.